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Top reasons why Coaches choose urban.studio over Mindbody.

#Reason 1

Don’t let pricing pull you down

Why go for MindBody’s higher price plans? MindBody offers no free trial, and its essential price plan for a month is 125 US Dollars per month which is the lowest among the four available. That is huge compared to urban.studio’s Pay-As-You-Go pricing model. There are no fixed monthly or yearly charges that one has to pay. Coaches have to pay 8% of what they earn on the platform. In general, Mindbody is very expensive. Its conference costs are super expensive too. The hefty prices discourage small businesses from succeeding.

#Reason 2

The urban.studio offers membership and subscriptions.

Why have struggles and difficulties in creating courses or subscriptions? With urban.studio, you dare to offer weekly or monthly subscriptions. The coaches can set prices of the subscriptions upfront payment is anticipated with the recurring subscriptions. Besides, in Mindbody, many areas require significant improvement in managing courses and different types of payments made by the same client

#Reason 3

A simple interface where all clients’ needs are met

Bored with Mindbody where both the members and the staff feel that it is not user-friendly and too complex to use? And also, customer service often has very long wait times? The user interface for Mindbody is extremely inconsistent as most parts of it look like they have not changed since the early 2000s, although Mindbody designed other areas to look more modern.

Then it is your time to consider the urban.studio software. With a built-in live classroom, you can master your class's control and offer individual attention to each client. There is also a live chat where you get to meet your clients face to face and interact.

The simple interface offers interactive-face-to-face learning and training. No extra apps are needed, and no additional costs. It helps you to know all your clients better.

#Reason 4

A simple software to host your classes- No much training needed

Mindbody is not intuitive as it takes a lot of time and training to work. The software is also glitchy at times, with the system freezing or cancelling out. With urban.studio, everything is a click away. You can select any username of your choice to be your studio name, and you can share your Studio page easily via social media platforms. The interface is minimalist, designed keeping in mind the comfort of the coaches.

#Reason 5

Do not be forced to use one electronic payment processor as a result of others not integrating.

Urban.studio allows you to accept both domestic and international payments conveniently. The software uses Stripe to keep the transactions secure. You can accept payments across 130+ different countries. You don’t need to share your bank account credentials with third parties or your students anymore to accept payments. Track all your payments using the “Payments” tool on urban.studio. Plan your business on urban.studio subsequently. Mindbody does not show you organized payment analytics, but urban.studio does.

#Reason 6

Automated notifications

Mindbody is very disappointed with its notification system for booking personal training. The system is not very robust in notifying coaches who booked. The urban.studio gives automated confirmation and reminder emails about the class. Urban.studio also sends automated emails to students to maintain their interest in your Studio. The system is very efficient and practical to keep coaches informed about all the transactions and payments received.

#Reason 7

Accept donations

Mindbody is outdated and has never updated itself to create new forms of business for its customers. You can only take payments for classes there. On the other hand, urban.studio allows you to do classes for Free for the community and, in turn, accept donations from them. This allows coaches to maximize their offerings and also gain revenue in different ways.

#Reason 8

Be around, like-minded people.

The type of person you surround yourself with determines your growth. Urban.studio understands this very carefully, so along with the platform urban.studio allows you to be a part of the exclusive community of coaches from across the world. Mindbody provides you with community access at a higher price package, for which you need to pay an additional $130. The exclusive community built by urban.studio helps coaches network, collaborate and learn from each other.

#Reason 9

Scheduling made easy

A tough to handle product gives you nightmares to operate your business on it, and Mindbody is one such platform. Scheduling your class is not easy on Mindbody, a non-user-friendly form; the confusing interface makes it challenging to work on it. Checkout creating a class on urban.studio, it's super-easy. Create your classes in less than 1 minute. After creating classes, urban.studio organizes them in a user-friendly manner for the students to book your classes.

#Reason 10

Let people know about your business.

Urban.studio has built its own “Share” tool built to solve marketing for the coaches and provoke them to share about their Studio with their friends, family and people in your network. Mindbody works differently. They have a complex system of selling your classes online. Students are not able to see all the options for classes available to them. Sharing is easy with your unique Studio link with urban.studio.

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