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Top reasons why Coaches choose over YouTube.

#Reason 1

Build and own a Landing Page

A landing page is a single web page that appears to click on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion. A landing page is necessary for anyone who wants to run independent businesses. You can own your separate landing page that you can use for marketing and promotions. This landing page contains your profile image, your Studio Name, and a short bio about yourself, which you can customize from time to time to communicate new updates to your audience. On Youtube, you get to build your profile, which showcases your past work, but active communication about future events is missing.

#Reason 2

Access to the exclusive community of coaches

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform and has the most extensive set of coaches and professionals with them. People grow when they are a part of the community of like-minded individuals. One has a lot to learn from the masters of their industry and know their experiences. The maintains this very closely. We are building an exclusive community of coaches like yourself, who help you network, give and seek answers, build relationships and climb up to the top.

#Reason 3

Become an entrepreneur

Run your independent business as a teacher and earn more by doing what you love to do. Your passion for teaching students is incredible, and we are here to unlock all the opportunities for you to earn. With, you can build and run your own business. Once you become a coach on the platform, you decide the What, When and How of your teaching curriculum. does not choose or govern how you decide to take your classes. Adding a price to your classes and collecting payments in the same place helps you make better business decisions.

#Reason 4

Offer structured courses

You can structure your classes to build a course curriculum and market them likewise. Many coaches prefer taking a series of classes for a course, so you can accept payments for all classes of that course at once or choose to accept payments on a per-class basis. On the other hand, on Youtube, you cannot build and give live courses. You have to offer pre-recorded videos or merge your live sessions with any organization. You cannot monetize your videos on the platform.

#Reason 5

Make your payment routine

Youtube pays coaches based on views or the traction you generate with your videos, which leaves the coaches with much uncertainty for your monthly income. Plan your monthly class routine with Plan and decide the price of your classes. Work towards your monthly earning goals and achieve them with certainty.

#Reason 6

Tell the world about your new business.

Sharing happiness, feelings, achievements and failures of life with your friends, family or people in your network gives you confidence in life. Our focus is to make sharing and to market your classes super for a coach. Tell the world proudly about your online Studio and share your landing page. Choose among the different social media platforms and take advantage of the in-built marketing-focused features of the “Share” tool built on the platform. 

#Reason 7

In-built Live Stream platform.

Classes are always better when done Live and with direct students. Go get to pay attention to your students, who pay who for that personal attention. It’s not possible to run your Live classes on Youtube. You will have to use any 3rd Party live streaming platform like Zoom, Google Meet, and you have to cast it to your Youtube. With, this gets way too easy. has an in-built live streaming platform that allows you to do unlimited classes anywhere and any time of the day—no switching between the platforms, no extensions, no additional subscriptions. Just one platform to conduct all your classes. The live-streaming feature on is optimized to take classes, giving more rights and power to the coach. 

#Reason 8

Offer Paid subscriptions

The subscription on any platform is an essential feature for the coaches, as it helps them know how many students are being loyal to them. But how much better will it be if you can provide some extra attention to them and, in turn, they pay for that? It is a way to monetize your subscribers and increase your earnings. YouTube allows your students to subscribe to you, but you don’t have any means to earn through them. realizes this and lets you offer paid subscriptions to customize for your specific audience. Offer your students weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or for any time frame subscriptions and decide its price accordingly. 

#Reason 9

Go across border has a unique feature that helps you to work with international students at ease. You can schedule classes in different time zones and accept payments from across 135+ countries. Offer special classes for your students and expand your student base. Easy for students, too, as they always see the classes at a comfortable time. YouTube does not restrict any international activity and keeps the content localized if you are a fresh start. People cannot see your content in other countries, and your student base gets limited. On Youtube, it is hard for you to control the geography in which your video should gain traction unless you go for ads and pay YouTube instead.

#Reason 10

Automated personalized emails to your students

It’s hard to gain students, and it’s even harder to retain them. Building for coaches who are starting their online teaching career on, we ensure that we provide you with all the things that rule out the question of losing your students. Upon your activity in our Studio, we have carefully crafted automated emails that keep your students engaged. We aim to get them to visit your studio again and again so that they can see and book your new upcoming classes. YouTube sends a notification, but the platform aims to increase YouTube engagement and not specifically your Channel. That’s where YouTube uses one coach's fans to promote other channels, but will retain all your hard-earned students to your Studio.

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