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Top reasons why Coaches choose urban.studio over Zoom.

#Reason 1

No time limit to your classes.

Different coaches have different curriculums, and they plan their classes accordingly. It's not fair to limit your classes based on someone else’s platform constraint. On Zoom, coaches have to purchase a licensed plan and pay extra ($15/month) to do classes greater than 40-minutes. There is no additional cost depending on the duration of the class on the urban.studio. We make sure to provide freedom to coaches rather than constraints.

#Reason 2

Data Security and Privacy

One thing that is of high importance in the urban.studio is our focus to keep every coach's data highly safe and secure. Urban.studio is GDPR compliant, under the EU regulations, abiding by the data protection laws and rules. No one has the rights to access data, as our platform is completely automated. We do not share any data of coaches with other coaches under any circumstances. The urban.studio has its live-streaming platform, which is too safe and protects the customer data under all circumstances.

#Reason 3

Accept payments, Direct and Secure.

Accepting direct payments in one of the main foundation pillars of the urban.studio. Making it easy and convenient to accept all kinds of payments directly on your Studio page. The urban.studio uses Stripe as our payment partner. We are proud to have Stripe as it lets you accept payments from across 130+ different countries and is secure. You can accept payments for your Classes, Subscriptions and also in the form of Donations. If you are using Zoom and wish to accept payments, you would have to use another tool to accept and keep track of your payments which is just a click away on urban.studio.

#Reason 4

Analytics tool to track your earnings.

As easy as it is to earn more using urban.studio, it is also super easy to keep track of your earnings on the platform. Using the “Payments” tool of urban.studio, you can track your monthly earnings, earnings to date and all transactions. This Payments tool also provides you with analytics that helps you govern your earnings through Donations, Subscriptions and Classes. Tracking all your payments helps you analyze and plan your business better, so you can devote your resources to things that work for you. Zoom is not meant for running a business and does not provide you with any such capabilities.

#Reason 5

Own a landing page and start your business

The idea of opening up your Studio online is to provide the coaches with a space on the internet that they can say it belongs to them and where they can run their own business. The urban.studio provides every coach with their landing page, accessible via an exclusive link (https://app.urban.studio/username), chosen by the coach. This landing page showcases everything about the coach, starting from their bio, profile picture, classes, subscriptions and donations. Coaches use it as their homepage by sharing it with their community, friends and family.

#Reason 6

Build and sell your schedule

On urban.studio, you can create different types of classes, i.e. group and private. These classes get automatically organized on your Studio page under separate headers. It gives your audience an easy and comfortable way to choose a class that is suitable for them. A coach can maximize booking from their students by experimenting with different classes at different times and different prices. Coaches and Clients receive automated emails for every booking made on the Studio page. Zoom does not allow you to showcase your schedule for your students.

#Reason 7

Offer subscriptions and courses.

Giving online courses and offering subscriptions is the new pay for making money. Many coaches are creating their personalized courses based on their expertise and offering them to students. Subscriptions lets you offer different deals to different students differentiating time duration and type of classes. With urban.studio, you can build courses directly on the platform and sell them. With Zoom, one can only live independent classes and does not let coaches offer subscriptions and courses.

#Reason 8

Manage Student Data

We know how important it is to get new customers to sign up for your classes and retain existing customers with you. As easy as it may sound, but maintaining data about your existing customer is a super-time consuming process and requires much effort. To help coaches build their businesses on the urban.studio, we have created the “Clients” tool that tells you all the data about your clients. Know the email addresses, past transactions, past attended classes, past booked classes for each of your students.

#Reason 9

Join the exclusive community of Coaches

Being a part of the right and like-minded environment helps people grow more. One gets to learn many things from the past experiences of their seniors and masters. Being a coach on urban.studio gives you the ability to be a part of the exclusive community of coaches from all across the globe. We are building this community to help coaches like yourself network, collaborate, learn and explore new opportunities. Zoom is a generic live-streaming platform whose primary audience is Corporate professionals who would not help you out. 

#Reason 10

Automated emails to stay connected with students

Why do mundane tasks when you can go automated? On urban.studio we have optimized for time and simplicity for the coaches. The urban.studio provides services that ensure sending automated emails to your students so that they do not miss an update from you. These emails are channelled through a secure server and crafted to ensure regular direct contact with your Students. You can also push and send emails notifications for your upcoming new launches at your will. Zoom does not ensure this at all. It only gives you class notifications but does not help in maintaining your students.

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